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EMC Testing and Compliance

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How do you turn a product concept into a market-leading winner for your company? For new electronic products, successfully navigating the landscape of electromagnetic compliance (EMC) and RF certification for all your target markets globally is absolutely critical. But EMC testing isn’t just a check-the-box task at the end of a long list of project requirements. Planning for EMC and wireless compliance must be there from the very start of the design.

That’s where LSR’s EMC Test Services come in. LSR’s test engineers work with you before, during, and after EMC and wireless radio testing, helping to troubleshoot and advise every step of the way. With a dedicated focus on wireless testing, we bring expertise to your project through a deep understanding of the various certification standards required for market entry across the globe. And because LSR is a manufacturer of RF products itself, you are partnered with engineers who understand the nuances of product development to ensure compliance is achieved.

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LSR is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and specializes in Intentional Radiation Testing required for certification of wireless/RF products. We perform on-site testing for Product and Modular Certifications based on requirements for the FCC, Industry Canada, European Union, Australia / New Zealand, and Japan. For customers who require even broader certifications, LSR also provides additional International Testing Services to complete the required testing and certification documentation for South America and other international countries.

For customers requiring assistance with compliance testing for non-wireless products, LSR also has expertise in General Emissions Testing and Immunity/Susceptibility Testing to the various EMC requirements worldwide.

As your partner throughout your design project, LSR assists in the investigation of appropriate test standards, test plan development, trouble-shooting & failure analysis, documentation review, and comprehensive certification services.

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LSR has invested in all the necessary facilities and equipment to proactively address the rapidly changing compliance requirements for wireless products. This means LSR’s test engineers can execute your product’s test plan efficiently, accurately, and completely.

Facilities include both 5-meter and 3-meter anechoic chambers. The new 5-meter chamber was designed to accommodate larger products, and features isolated control and aux rooms with state-of-the-art equipment that enable even greater testing frequency ranges and power levels.

LSR also specializes in on-site antenna patterning, with a new Automated 3D Antenna Measurement System. This dedicated antenna test chamber uses mechanical automation and powerful software to accurately and efficiently perform three-dimensional scanning. This system quickly and efficiently collects spherical antenna pattern data, then generates antenna plots and performance summaries that provide detailed insight into the performance of a product’s antenna design.

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Isolated Aux Room with state-of-the-art equipment Isolated Aux Room with state-of-the-art equipment thumbnail

5-meter Anechoic Chamber 5-meter Anechoic Chamber thumbnail

Immunity/Susceptibility Testing Immunity/Susceptibility Testing thumbnail

3-meter Anechoic Chamber 3-meter Anechoic Chamber thumbnail

FCC & IC Certification Handbook

FCC and Industry Canada Handbook
Uncertain of your next steps to secure FCC and Industry Canada certification for your wireless products?

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LSR's 3D Antenna Scan Chamber
New 3D Antenna Test Chamber creates detailed spherical antenna patterns in just minutes.