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Antenna Design

Custom Antenna Design

Antenna design is very complex and can only be done with having the right development tools and experienced RF antenna design engineers. LSR is one of very few companies that has CST Microwave Studio simulation software to quickly develop the highest performance RF antenna design for your application and a 3-meter fully anechoic chamber to optimize and verify the performance of your integrated antenna. LSR can provide any level of assistance for your antenna design including: simulation, antenna tuning and matching, co-located antennas, antenna enclosure integration, prototype development, antenna patterns and characterization, and antenna manufacturing. Let our RF antenna design engineers help you obtain the best performance for your product.

Specific Areas of Antenna Design Expertise:

  • Antenna Design
  • 3D Electromagnetic Simulations
  • SAR and MPE Analysis
  • Custom Antenna Tuning Services
  • Antenna Matching Circuitry
  • RF Antenna Design Topology and Placement
    • Recommendations
    • Radiation Pattern Measurements
    • HBANs (Human Body Area Network System)
    • Propagation Modeling

Antenna Design Topologies Include:

  • PIFA Antenna
  • Dipole Antenna
  • Monopole Antenna
  • Patch Antenna
  • Loop Antenna
  • PCB Microstrip Antenna
  • Helical Antenna
  • Slot Antenna
  • Medical Implant Antenna

Antenna Design Shop

Antenna Design Shop

With LSR’s Antenna Shop program, the guesswork can be removed from a complex antenna design by just selecting the right option for you. With a full complement of both tools and experience, LSR can help you make the most of your design by matching and optimizing an off the shelf solution, or designing a custom antenna to fit your application and enclosure.

Antenna Examples:

During the antenna simulation stage, we’ll work with you to determine the best topology to choose for your application. We take into account size, cost, performance, aesthetics and manufacturability to make sure there are no surprises once your antenna goes into production. Below are some of the antenna topologies that LSR can design for you:

  • PIFA
  • Dipole
  • Monopole
  • Patch
  • Loop
  • PCB (various types)
  • Helical
  • Slot
  • Medical Implant