Antenna Design

Antenna Design

Tackle Complex Antenna Design with LSR’s Custom Design Services

In today's competitive wireless environment, creating a successful product that stands out and meets the demands of consumers requires greater skill, ingenuity, and experience than ever before. At LSR we know that achieving reliable, high-performance wireless connectivity hinges on how well the antenna has been designed and implemented within your product or system. We also know that every design comes with its own unique challenges. Whether it’s an off the shelf solution or designing a custom antenna, our engineers provide true RF expertise and leverage first-rate technology to help customers bring winning products to market.

LSR's antenna design experts recognize that RF designs often require an inventive solution. Our experienced professionals are passionate and committed to discovering what problems need to be solved and which solution best addresses them, allowing your team to focus on other areas of product development. The antenna design team has the right development tools and experience to ensure that from start to finish, LSR provides the perfect combination of expertise and equipment to maximize the range, throughput, and quality of your wireless product.

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Custom Antenna Design

Why Invest in a Custom Antenna?

Custom antennas are designed and optimized with your products unique trade-offs in mind. Whether it be a complex structure or a desire to minimize the BOM cost, a custom antenna will provide you with the best performance. Partnering with us can help you:

Maximize Wireless Range
Custom antennas have the highest efficiency. A custom design will maximize the product’s wireless range and improve the user’s experience. Don’t leave unrealized wireless range sitting on the table. If the range is decreased from a mediocre antenna, then the coverage area is reduced significantly – think 50%!

Own an Antenna that is Optimized for Your Product
Antennas are 3-dimensional electromagnetic structures, so nearby components can actually degrade the wireless range. A custom antenna design minimizes these effects, leaving optimal performance. The custom antenna design is your intellectual property. Own your antenna.

Minimize B.O.M. Cost
Off-the-shelf antennas can be expensive (e.g. dollars per antenna). LSR’s antenna engineers can drastically reduce the cost. Think pennies, not dollars.

Rapid Time to Market
LSR’s experience and capabilities will efficiently integrate an antenna into your product, allowing you to focus on other areas of product development

Why Choose LSR for Your Antenna

The antenna engineers at LSR are wireless veterans, specializing in the design and optimization of antennas.

On average, LSR’s antenna engineers have 15+ years of experience, and even have a Ph.D. antenna designer on staff. LSR’s experience is across a wide range of designs including demanding applications like high-volume consumer electronics, space exploration, military, and academic research. LSR is dedicated to maximizing the range, throughput, and quality of your wireless product.

Top Talent
Experienced engineering team including Ph.D. antenna designer

On-Site, Fully Anechoic Antenna Test Chamber
Immediate, accurate, real world results

CST Microwave Studio
With GPU servers for fast and quality simulations

Efficient Design Process
Leverage our experience, LSR has designed thousands of custom antennas

Rapid Prototyping
On-Site industrial designers with full machine shop, 3D printers and rapid prototyping capabilities

Own the IP
Use our design experience to create your company’s intellectual property

Test Chamber for Antennas (Pattern & OTA)

Real world, radiated measurements are the only way to fully characterize an antenna’s performance. LSR has a fully anechoic antenna characterization chamber on-site. With this chamber, we quickly and accurately evaluate antenna integrations and custom designs. LSR’s chamber can characterize any antenna between 700 MHz to 6 GHz.

LSR’s Antenna Chamber

  • 10’x10‘x24’ fully anechoic chamber
  • Howland Model 3100 Wireless Test Lab
  • 700MHz – 6GHz
  • 1° resolution theta/azimuth and phi/elevation measurement angle (15° is typical)
  • Copper Mountain 804/1 Network Analyzer
  • Agilent Spectrum Analyzer
  • R&S Power Meter
  • Typical DUT Limits
    • 110VAC @ 10A
    • 36VDC @ 10A
    • 30 lbs max - No special fixturing required!

Antenna Pattern Measurement – Characterizes the antenna’s radiated performance by driving the antenna with a vector network analyzer (VNA). The key performance parameters measured include: peak gain, gain versus angle, efficiency, directivity, polarization, 3D and 2D gain patterns etc.

Total Radiated Power (TRP) – Evaluates the transmitter and antenna composite performance for a very comprehensive indication of wireless range performance. The key parameters measured: peak EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiate Power), TRP, EIRP versus angle, 3D and 2D EIRP patterns etc. but efficiency, peak gain can be calculated if transmitter output measurements are performed.

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