Published on Aug. 27, 2015, 9:21 a.m.

LSR Expands EMC Testing Services with Automated 3D Antenna Measurement System

CEDARBURG, WI, Aug. 27, 2015 -- LSR, a leading provider of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, wireless product development services, and EMC testing for FCC/IC/CE certification, is excited to announce the completion of a new dedicated antenna test chamber at its corporate campus in Cedarburg, WI. This custom Antenna Measurement System, developed collaboratively with The Howland Company, features state-of-the-art mechanical automation and software that accurately and efficiently performs three-dimensional (3D) testing. This system quickly and efficiently collects spherical antenna pattern data, then generates antenna plots and performance summaries that provide detailed insight into the performance of a product's antenna design. This additional chamber will allow LSR to better serve its customers by providing more detailed spherical antenna patterns completed in a matter of minutes.

3D Antenna Chamber

"Historically, wireless product developers would rely on measurements in just 3 planes to estimate an antenna's performance," said Dave Burleton, Vice President of Marketing, LSR. "With today's advances in wireless technologies and its use in mobile and wearable devices, the need for a complete spherical measurement is critical. With a full 3-dimensional antenna scan, the developer can more accurately and comprehensively assess the antenna design's expected performance in the real world."

In coordination with the new antenna chamber coming online, LSR is also offering an innovative program to customers designing LSR certified RF modules into their products. For any design incorporating an LSR module, such as the new SaBLE-x™ Bluetooth Smart module or TiWi-C-W™ Wi-Fi module, LSR will offer complimentary 3D antenna scans to help ensure the design will meet the customer's performance needs. LSR's antenna experts will then follow up with a performance assessment report, and walk through any questions.

"Our company's success is based on simplifying wireless design for our customers through both our RF products and our services. By providing this high-value testing and consultation to our customers, LSR will help them minimize design risk and have greater confidence in the performance of their design earlier in their development process," said Dave Burleton.


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