Published on Jan. 29, 2014, 5:08 a.m.

LSR Expands RF Products division with new innovative antenna solutions

Cedarburg, WI (Jan 29, 2014) - LSR, the global leader in Wireless Product
Development, announces the addition of a new family of Antenna solutions to its RF Products portfolio. These new products were designed to help its customers address critical technical challenges traditional antenna products simply cannot meet.


This industry-first design offers an unmatched solution for applications where traditional
antennas struggle to perform. The FlexPIFA™ Antenna with adhesive backing is designed
to perform on curved surfaces, enabling simple installation and improved performance in a
wide range of enclosures, such as wearable technologies. Additionally, when placed in close
proximity to the human body or metal, it can perform significantly better than other antennas currently on the market.


“With more and more interest in the space of wearable technologies, companies looking to
bring such products to market realize it’s critical to have both the form factor and
performance customers demand,” said Bill Steinike, President of LSR. “The new
FlexPIFA™ brings a unique solution to help ensure strong antenna performance even when placed close to the human body or in the presence of metals.”


In addition to the FlexPIFA, LSR also announces a new flexible notch antenna,
called the FlexNotch™. This solution also provides flexibility and ease in placing the
antenna within confined spaces. For custom applications, the designer can quickly test and optimize the antenna’s performance by simply cutting the length of the antenna.


The family of Antenna solutions also includes a number of traditional dipole antennas, as
well as a brand-new series of waterproof dipole antennas to expand the usefulness of such products in a broader range of applications than ever before.


“Our customers have long trusted LSR’s dipole antenna solutions for their reliability
and real-world performance,” said Josh Bablitch, VP of RF Products. “Our customers
challenged us to bring that same performance to even broader applications, and we have done just that by introducing a series of waterproof antennas.”


LSR is a trusted source for wireless design that also provides custom antenna design
services, turnkey product development, and on-site EMC certification and testing. In 2013,
LSR also launched the Antenna Shop, providing a comprehensive approach to
custom design, testing, and certification of antenna projects. LSR will continue to
add off-the-shelf Antenna solutions to its technology portfolio, utilizing innovative design approaches to better meet customers’ real-world challenges.


LSR is a global leader in enabling advanced wireless technology platforms including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, BLE, Cellular, RFID, NFC, 802.15.4, DECT, and ZigBee. LSR is the only wireless product development company providing turnkey M2M System Solutions with Design Services, on-site FCC / IC / CE Testing and Certification, and a broad line of RF modules. Learn more at


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