Published on Sept. 6, 2013, 2:10 a.m.

LSR Announces the Addition of SmartPhone/Tablet Application Development Group for iOS and Android Devices to Product Development Services Group

CEDARBURG, WI (September 6, 2013) – Bill Steinike, president of LSR (LSR) is excited to announce that in addition to being a leading provider of wireless product development, including RF design, EMC testing, and electronic manufacturing solutions, LSR is now also offering complete application development services for iOS and Android devices. With the rapid growth of smartphone and tablets and the support of Bluetooth Smart on the Android platform now available, mobile applications are now creating exciting new opportunities and products for companies in all industries. If you are going to stay ahead of your competition and differentiate your products with new value added features, leveraging mobile applications has to be in your development roadmap.

The addition of the application development team will make product development more seamless with reduced time to market and lower development costs. By adding application development to an already extensive product development toolbox, LSR will enhance the products it makes by including applications that allow the products to communicate with both Android and iOS devices. This creates a better, deeper, more engaging wireless product experience for customers and end-users using devices they are already familiar with, their smartphones and tablets.

Custom applications enhance the user experience by making products easier to use, more versatile and more fun to interact with which encourages purchase and brand loyalty. Knowing the important role mobile applications play in the success of new products, LSR has built an experienced team that will provide its customers with the most comprehensive, effective and efficient product solutions.

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