Published on June 14, 2013, 2:25 a.m.

LSR announces the opening of the Antenna Shop, providing dedicated specialists to ensure an optimized antenna design for wireless RF devices

CEDARBURG, WI (June 14, 2013) – One of the most important – and overlooked – components of any RF device is the Antenna. An improperly designed antenna can greatly impact radio performance and be very costly to a device manufacturer as Apple discovered shortly after releasing the iPhone 4. Its improperly designed antenna ultimately cost the company $53 million.


To help manufacturers avoid design and implementation errors, LSR, one of the nation’s leading wireless product development consultancies, is opening the Antenna Shop, a dedicated team of RF design engineers who help optimize the performance RF products by either matching off-the-shelf solutions, or designing custom antennas to fit specific applications and enclosures.


LSR has a full complement of both tools and experience for RF antenna design projects, having completed projects for companies that include Honeywell, GE and other global wireless product leaders. The Antenna Shop at LSR employs state-of-the-art tools and testing including CST Microwave Studio simulation software, a 3-meter anechoic chamber, 10-meter Open Air Test Site, and is an FCC listed test site. LSR offers a full spectrum of assistance for antenna design: simulation, prototype development, antenna patterns, and antenna characterization in product enclosures. LSR RF antenna design engineers will help manufacturers obtain the best performance for any product.


LSR has created 7 discrete antenna design options to fit any manufacturer’s requirements.




Average Duration

Antenna patterns on existing implementation


1 wk

Antenna match of existing implementation


1 wk

Antenna match of existing implementation (with patterns)


2 wks

Implementation of COTS antenna onto PCB


2 wks

Implementation of COTS antenna onto PCB (with patterns)


3 wks

Custom antenna design with defined enclosure


3 wks

Custom antenna design with undefined enclosure


4 wks



Antenna topologies covered by this program include: PIFA, Dipole, Monopole, Patch, Loop, PCB (various types), Helical, Slot, and Medical Implant. These options take the guesswork out of a complex antenna design project by allowing manufacturers to simply select the option that best fits their application. During the antenna simulation stage, the Antenna Shop works with the client to determine the best topology for their application while taking into account size, cost, performance, aesthetics and manufacturability to ensure there are no surprises once the antenna goes into production. This allows the Antenna Shop at LSR to guarantee a solution at a fixed cost for antenna design projects.



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