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Internet of Things technologies are re-shaping both your competitive landscape and your customer’s expectations at a dizzying pace. Achieve IoT success by avoiding time-consuming mistakes and costly re-designs. Employ LSR’s proven IoT Product Design & Development expertise from beginning to end.

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“When you need one strategic advisor in the room, to help you bring your wireless product strategy to life, LSR is your trusted IoT partner.”

In today’s connected world, companies are seeking ways to make wireless work in their products. Smart embedded design and the rollout of cloud-connected products isn’t as easy as it looks though. Or as easy as the C-Suite may expect. Those of us architecting IoT strategies and working on the complexities of IoT embedded design, know the technology must perform, the connectivity must be reliable, and the user interface minimizes the learning curve and set-up time.

Getting a product from ideation through concept and industrial design – on to an engineering services team who can tackle the complexities of antenna design, RF, certification testing and then off to manufacturing and into the marketplace requires a lot of expertise and connection points – and each step along the way can result in lost time to market and costly errors if not managed seamlessly. Not to mention getting the product successfully deployed in the cloud, across multitudes of users, all looking to connect easily.

LSR delivers Accelerated, End-to-End IoT Product Design & Development services with the wireless expertise and IoT intelligence that elegantly balances the demands of Product Design, RF Performance, and Cloud-Ready Deployment.

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Trusted by GE, Black and Decker, Roche, Whirlpool and more
Design For Success

LSR is the only IoT Product Design & Development Firm that creates end-to-end solutions crafted with intelligent IoT design through the entire development cycle, because only LSR has unparalleled real-world experience in wireless product design to ensure that IoT-fueled product strategy provides the launchpad for successful engineering, manufacturing, and field-deployment of connected products.

Design For Connectivity

From cloud to wireless to mobile app, the technology of IoT must be ingrained in your product's DNA from the very first ideation. With LSR, you have one strategic IoT partner every step of the way, from design through deployment.

Prowess to Navigate the Complexities of IoT from Beginning-to-End
Design For The Real World

Traditional industrial design firms don't often have the deep IoT experience & RF expertise needed to ensure an appealing design that also meets the technical requirements for IoT success. LSR does, with passionate designers & world-class engineers working together seamlessly throughout your development project.

Mastery in Balancing Product Design & Technical Performance
Design For Innovation

LSR understands that time-to-market only counts if your new IoT product is equipped to thrive there by creating a great user experience that exceeds expectations. Get to market faster, serve your customer better. Design for Innovation that thrives in the real world.

Not Just Faster Time-to-Market - Built to Thrive-in-Market
Design For Execution

From IoT product concept, through design and manufacturing, all the way to deployment in the cloud, trust LSR when your product strategy requires IoT intelligence and critical on-time execution.

Expertise, Trust, and Accountability - Your True Partner
Design and Engineer

“LSR brings an impressive design team alongside IoT engineering capabilities – and that’s rare to find today.”
- Scott Pirdy, IoT System Architect, Shark Ninja

Is LSR the right IoT partner for you?

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Is your current industrial design firm struggling to develop IoT and wireless products that can ensure robust technical performance while maintaining the size, form factor, and intuitive ease-of-use your customers demand?

Is your executive team asking you to find ways to outmaneuver your competition and grab market share, improve the customer experience and build brand loyalty, improve the profitability of your product and services or decrease services costs?

And with all these requests are you realizing that you lack the in-house technical expertise, engineering bandwidth, operation framework or capital equipment in-house? Or that your IoT strategy needs to be better defined?

If you answered yes to any of these challenges, call LSR today for a free consultation. For decades, LSR has helped companies accelerate their product development to deliver wireless innovations that help them succeed in the market.

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Your Partner for IoT Success

Project Example: Sno-Way International

Wireless Plows & Spreaders

Snoway Partnered with LSR for Success
LSR IoT Solutions

Designing a hand controller for the commercial vehicular market requires calculated ergonomic and radio technology decisions. Our customer’s previous snow plow controller lacked an intuitive interface and was difficult to operate with one hand. So Sno-Way turned to LSR as a single, trusted partner to re-design their snow plow controller and embed best-in-class wireless capabilities within the unit. LSR completed a complete turnkey manufactured solution in less than 6 months that included a new enclosure, user interface & next generation radio technology.

Disciplines involved: Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, RF Hardware Engineering, Embedded Software Development.

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