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How can I get the available link?

How to be master in The World Ends With You - the best Japanese role-playing game of all time

Launched for the first time in 2017 on the Nintendo DS, The World Ends With You has quickly become the hottest Japanese role-playing game at that time. This game was designed for the DS's dual-screen system that requires you always to use two hands to play this game, but with an engaging and fun storyline, The World Ends With You is still a favorite game of many gamers.

Fast forward to the present, although the developer has not yet released a sequel to this title, the mobile version was released in 2012, and so far, an enhanced port is also available for Nintendo Switch under the title The World Ends With You: Final Remix. Anyway, this is the best time to play this game. Whether you are an experienced player or a newbie, we have collected some useful tips to help you win this game. Let’s find out!

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Experiment with pins

Some pins, which show the way Neku uses attacks, will be introduced in the first few days of the game. You can activate these pins by interacting with the fight screen in various ways, such as using touch controls in the handheld mode controls or Joy-Con controls in docked mode. However, the advice here is that you should use touch controls because they are easier to control and can provide smoother experiences. 

Before doing that, you might want to practice different kinds of pins. As you play through the game, you can find a lot of pins available for you to use, then you can upgrade them to improve their attack power. You should try to use as many pins as you can to upgrade them to the maximum level and experience different abilities. After you finish playing, remember to review the Pins menu each time you come back. You will get many Pin PP, which are extremely useful when you have to deal with some difficulties later. And even if you let Switch sleep or exit The World Ends With You completely, you will still receive that PP.

Buy delicious food

Food is one of the most critical elements in The World Ends With You. You will find lots of fast food stores in Shibuya and what you need to do is check what they have. You can buy foods that will be then consumed by Neku to upgrade this character's stats. Some foods help strengthen defenses, some increase attacks while others provide you with many affinities with certain brands. If you are finding ways to upgrade your character, food will be a great choice.

However, Neku cannot immediately consume food but must go through several battles. The boosts that foods can bring to the character is permanent, so this trade-off is absolutely worth it. You have to remember that you can only eat a lot in a single day in real time, so The World Ends With You encourages you to take the time and should not rush through it.

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Fashion in game

Discovering fashion trends is also a very interesting task in your journey to discover Shibuya. Each pin will usually have a certain brand affiliation except the pin is marked as “Unbranded.” You need to take notice of these pin brands because each area will have typical fashion trends with different styles, which will determine your play style. If the pin you are using is trending or popular in that district, you will gain strength in battle and vice versa, they will become less effective. However, you can also use pins in the battle to make brands more popular, so if you do not want to adapt, you can also change the trend.

Initially, you will not have a lot of costumes and buying them will not give you any benefit. Moreover, all costumes require you to reach a specific level of “Brave” to equip; so you need to keep upgrading that stat higher and should not spend a lot of money on anything you cannot use them in long term.

Your Partners

During your journey in Shibuya, Neku will be working with 3 different partners; The first is Shiki who has a passion for fashion. Each partner has a different ability in fighting, so just spend some time getting acquainted with your partners. You may feel a bit challenged to use both your own and Partner’s pins in a battle, but they all can cause good damage. However, some of your pins and partners may overlap, so try to remember what you have featured and how you are using it.

Interestingly, if you miss out on former Partners later, you will not have to worry that you have missed a certain moment or secret in the game. When you win the game, you will be able to review any chapter as you want to find secrets and go out with your old Partners. So do not worry, enjoy this game with anyone working with Neku.

Discover every place if you can
Right from the beginning of the game, Neku was able to scan the surroundings, and this is exactly what you would want to do during your adventure in Shibuya. Try to discover all the areas you are able to access. Try scanning areas that allow you to detect Noise and start engaging and battle - the best way for you to gain experience, pins, and cash. Although the game's tasks may be limited in time, you still have enough time to upgrade your character. Let’s take advantage of it, become strong enough to easily overcome your enemies.

Although there are many exciting game genres out there, role-playing games are still favored by a lot of gamers. With an engaging storyline, The World Ends With You is definitely one of the best Japanese role-playing games that you should never miss.

That’s all about some useful tips and tricks that can help you become a master in The World Ends With You quickly. Hope you find them helpful and feel free to share this article with your friends if you like. Download apk files for Android games on Top1apk online store to enjoy and have fun!

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How can I get the available link?

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