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5 Best Free Animal Games You Can’t Get Enough Of

You are an animal lover? You fund for any animal campaigns? You would love to work for World Society of the Protection of Animal? Your life is surrounded by animals, and you love them unconditionally. But have you ever tried free animal games? Nothing is better than you still can interact with animals while being relaxed.

Moreover, these games are also the best mean of education for children. If you have kids or nieces, you might want to inspire them with your ideas. Children love games, so you can play these games with kids and tell them how cute animals are. And instead of hurting animals, we should protect them.

1. Monkey Drink

Welcome to the world of Monkey! You are a monkey bartender who is trying to run your bar smoothly. Your mission is making sure that monkey clients have enough cocktails. These monkeys might be drunk, but you can’t tell them to stop because they will start crying.

You have to observe, grab the right cocktail and swing from branch to branch as quickly as possible. If all your clients complain and cry because they don’t have their booze, you will lose this game. Of course, the level of difficulty will increase to challenge your bartender skill.

With the simplicity, fun content and colorful design, we think not just kids but you can’t take an eye off it.

Monkeys are never drunk and they will cry if you don’t serve cocktail.

2. Go Fishing

It’s time to go fishing! The weekend finally comes, and you only want to enjoy it peacefully. So you should go fishing. You are floating in the middle of a beautiful river, under the water there is a wonderful marine world with different kinds of fish, coral reefs and other water plants.

If the real fishing takes you hours to catch a fish, in this game can have one or even two in one second. Move the mouse so you can go to the area being full of fish, click and hold to catch them. Be careful with junk, even though this river isn’t polluted, sometimes you might fish junk. Avoid them because your score will be reduced. Go Fishing is one of the free online games that you can play with your friends. Fish is crowded and they swim fast.

Let’s take a deep breath before going fishing.

3. Bunny Car Chase

Girls might enjoy this game a lot. In this game, you are a cute pink bunny which gets lost. She is freaked out and run to the highway. There is lots of traffic here. Whenever a car is coming, you have to jump high to avoid a car accident. And you also want to collect gold, which helps you to buy a bus ticket to go home.

You have to help the bunny avoid cars.

4. Dolphin Dive

Let’s live like a dolphin! You are an adorable dolphin that swims in the ocean and swing among seaweed every day. Or even you can play with other marine creatures. You can live a happy life forever.

Use your mouse to move around and hit the bubbles to dive deeper and gain score. You can press the space bar to speed up, but you only can use it once. The scenery changes when you go deeper. Along with it, you also can observe various interesting creature that no dolphin has ever seen.

The deeper you dive, the more abundant marine life is.

5. Sheep Gift Shop

You are working at a gift shop. And your customers are cute fuzzy sheep. And they all want you to service them delicious cake in a fancy box. You can’t make them wait too long because they will be pissed off and leave. Then, you can’t meet the goal.

Your customers are fuzzy and funny.

Now I think your love for animals fulfills. You play with both real animals and digital ones. And as I said, you can spread your love to children through these animal games. Aside from this list, you can play other best free online multiplayer animal games that you should not miss here.

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