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product description and regularory features for the spectrum usage and ntional radio approval TiWi-BLE Module

Hi to everybody , looking for the answer to the following question, addressed to the product owner
330-0087-R3.5 (name of the document with your reference notes )
so my request about following product
Concerning this product need your support in answering for the following questions, which was not listed inside listed inside present on your web page product description .

1. Please inform if this module was certified separately in S. Korea, might be other countries (except EU and FCC, and Japan) ?

2. To extend by following information separately (!) for each embedded radio technology

Wlan b, wlan n, wlan g
Bluetooth EDR, BDR, Low power

-Number of occupied channels,
-Channel bandwidth
- frequency range,
- data rate

Unfortunately , I can not simply copy this information form wikipedia, or other third party sources, because this is implementation dependent features. Information for the module do not provided this also (see link above) .

Would you please provide such information , or update available product information (link above)

Thank you , Best Regards, Aleks


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