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Tiwi-C-W in reboot cycle after "Authorization Failed"

I have a Tiwi-C-W running on custom hardware that has been correctly configured through the device's webpage.

It now appears to be in a reboot loop with the following output (taken by using the Serial-To-Wifi program). I'm assuming this is not correct behavior, but I'm unsure of how to remedy the situation - any suggestions?

Here's the output:

Starting WICED v3.1.1
Platform BCM94390WCD2 initialised
Started FreeRTOS v7.5.2
Initialising LwIP v1.4.0.rc1
WWD SoC/4390 interface initialised
WLAN MAC Address : 00:25:CA:04:9A:B0
WLAN Firmware    : wl0: Nov  3 2014 16:13:01 version (r512237)
---- Application Info ----
   App Name: TiWi-C-W DevKit
    App Ver: 0.6
   App Date: Dec 01 2014 16:33:45
   Current url: [Local JTAG]
   Update url: http://devkit.tiwiconnect.com/fw/devkit/latest
   OTA Pending: 0
 Heap Space: 66756
Json Auth Info Parse Error On Load
TiWiCommon Params Parse Error On Load 32
Joining : cicwap
Successfully joined : cicwap
Obtaining IP address via DHCP
Network ready IP:
Network connection is up.
Starting Config...
Getting NTP time... success
Current time is: 2016-12-02T12:24:44.021496
network_thread started
Com Mgt thread started
Network thread initialized
Get DNS for: devkit.tiwiconnect.com
Resolved IP:
Requesting Authorization Info
<<PUT /device-api/rpc HTTP/1.1
http response error unhandled content type
Com Mgt Error msgType: 32772, status = 14
***************** Authorization Failed.  Rebooting.....  *******************************


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