TiWi-C-W Development with Serial-to-WiFi API

This online guide is intended to provide helpful documentation, videos, and tutorials for developers utilizing the TiWi-C-W Development Kit featuring Serial-to-WiFi (#450-0164)

What is Serial-to-WiFi?

LSR is excited to introduce Serial-to-WiFi, a serial communications API that jump-starts your WiFi integration when utilizing our latest generation certified embedded WiFi module, the TiWi-C-W. Serial-to-WiFi accelerates your IoT development by providing a simple, easy-to-learn approach to enable socket-based WiFi communications through serial commands from your existing design's microcontroller.

Serial-to-WiFi is a powerful API created to free up more of your development time by dramatically simplifying the work of adding a TCP or UDP socket connection to your embedded product. More than just a simple network processor, Serial-to-WiFi provides a connection management layer within the TiWi-C-W module that intelligently manages the WiFi and socket interfaces. This means that your design's host microcontroller doesn't need to run a TCP/IP stack or any other network management software; it can simply send a 'Socket Open' command and begin communicating!

With TiWi-C-W, you have a certified module that simplifies your path to creating your IoT product. Pairing it with the innovative Serial-to-WiFi API and tools means it's never been easier, or faster, to develop a robust WiFi application in YOUR product.

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Getting Started

Here are a list of the documents and downloadable files that you'll need to get started once you've received your TiWi-C-W Development Kit featuring Serial-to-WiFi (#450-0164):

TiWi-C-W Development Kit featuring Serial-to-WiFi (#450-0164)

This version of the TiWi-C-W Dev Kit comes with the Serial-to-WiFi firmware preloaded on the module, as well as the necessary headers and cables to quickly connect this kit with an external host MCU. An additional daughter board provides USB communications to enable you to evaluate Serial-to-WiFi using the convenient PC Host for Serial-to-WiFi desktop application.

TiWi-C-W Development Kit ft. Serial-to-WiFi contains:

  • TiWi-C-W Development Board
  • TiWi-C-W USB Daughter Board
  • Wire Jumper Cables (x8)
  • 1x8 Male Header
  • 6 ft Micro USB Cables (x2)
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TiWi-C-W Serial-to-WiFi

PC Host for Serial-to-WiFi

Serial-to-WiFi provides a UART-based serial communication schema based on JSON-RPC. This human-readable, structured, request/response approach takes virtually all of the complexity that comes with a traditional AT command set approach. This minimizes the learning curve even for developers who may be new to Wi-Fi.

To quickly learn and explore this schema, the PC Host for Serial-to-WiFi desktop application empowers you to exercise every command in the API, with your PC laptop acting as the host controlling your TiWi-C-W Development board. So from this application you can directly instruct the Wi-Fi module to perform a particular action such as scanning for Wi-Fi networks, joining a Wi-Fi network, opening a socket connection, etc. This gives you a real-time view of the serial data sent over UART between your product's micro and the TiWi-C-W module, without investing a single minute of time up front developing firmware for your MCU.

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PC Host for Serial-to-WiFi