Integrated 802.11 b/g/n WLAN Module

Datasheet Product Brief

This stand-alone WLAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) module simplifies the work of adding Wi-Fi connectivity to your products on one of the smallest footprints available. The TiWi-C-W module’s breadth of capabilities ensures a straight-forward integration with your product design, including a pre-loaded cloud connectivity agent for LSR’s TiWiConnect™ platform.

The TiWi-C-W module is able to support both hostless operations with client applications running directly on its application processor, as well as hosted operations utilizing a device’s existing microcontroller via a serial UART interface. Development time and complexity is dramatically reduced for a hosted application, as LSR’s new TiWiConnect LIFT software offers a simple, intuitive protocol for the embedded software developer. This is the simplest module on the market to integrate Wi-Fi into your product.

Practical Applications

  • M2M Connectivity / Internet of Things
  • Remote diagnostics & monitoring
  • Remote interactivity & control
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Part Numbers [+]
450-0118C: TiWi-C-W Module, CT
450-0118R: TiWi-C-W Module, TR
450-0143: TiWi-C-W Dev Kit featuring TiWiConnect
450-0164: TiWi-C-W Development Board
Features Specifications Kits & Software Antennas Documentation Support
  • Features 2 operating modes:
  • Hostless operation with on-board ARM Cortex-M3 application processor
  • Hosted operation via TiwiConnect LIFT simple serial UART interface
  • Fully Integrated TCP/IP stack
  • Supports true Antenna Diversity
  • FCC, IC and CE Module Certification
  • Both 2 layer and 4 layer reference designs available
  • Multiple 2.4 GHz antenna options: SMT Chip, Dipole, FlexPIFA™
  • Additional customer specific antennas can be added to certification for little or no cost
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  • Size: 10.5 mm x 10.5 mm x 1.35 mm
  • Standards Support: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Host Interface: UART
  • Vcc Min: 3.13 V
  • Vcc Max: 3.46 V
  • Industrial Temp Range: -40 to +85 °C
  • Transmit Power:
    • +19.0 dBm, 1 Mbps, CCK (b)
    • +15.8 dBm, 54 Mbps, OFDM (g)
    • +15.0 dBm, HT20 MCS7 (n)
  • Rx Sensitivity:
    • -90 dBm, 8% PER,11 Mbps (b)
    • -73 dBm, 10% PER, 54 Mbps (g)
    • -71 dBm, 10% PER, MCS7 (n)
  • Transmit Current:
    • Min 310 mA Max 360mA (11b, 11 Mbps)
    • Min 230 mA Max 280mA (11g, 54 Mbps)
    • Min 220 mA Max 270 mA (11n, MCS7)
  • Receive Current: 70 mA, b/g/n
  • Standby Current: TBD uA
  • Development Architecture: Integration directly into M3 processor, or simple integration over UART interface to external microcontrollers or microprocessors
  • Certifications: FCC, IC, CE

Dev Kit featuring TiWiConnect

From out-of the-box to the cloud in less than 5 minutes? It’s that easy! TiWi-C-W Development Kit Featuring TiWiConnect™ (450-0143)
This simple, powerful development kit provides a ready out-of-the-box demonstration of the Wi-Fi cloud-connectivity capabilities of the TiWi-C-W module via the TiWiConnect IoT platform. Featuring both an iPhone app and personal web portal, developers can use the kit to evaluate both remote monitoring and remote control functionality. Powered on just 2 AA batteries, the demo kit is housed within a convenient, portable enclosure and includes a helpful Quick Start guide and video. Most importantly, this Dev Kit comes with a free cloud account on TiWiConnect for the life of the kit! Elevate your cloud-connectivity development efforts with this powerful resource!

Already have your TiWi-C-W Dev Kit featuring TiWiConnect? Access all the resources and tools at https://devkit.tiwiconnect.com

TiWi-C-W development kit featuring TiWiConnect
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LSR Wireless Shield from Avnet

The LSR Wireless Shield features dual wireless modules from LSR (the TiWi-C-W and SaBLE-x Bluetooth Smart module) on an Arduino™-compatible shield with Pmod™-compatible expansion connectors for maximized versatility in prototyping wireless-connected IoT products. Further, the TiWi-C-W can be quickly configured as a cloud agent providing seamless connectivity to LSR’s TiWiConnect end-to-end IoT platform, giving developers a kit with full bi-directional connectivity to a free cloud-based account in just minutes.


The LSR Wireless Shield from Avnet includes:

  • Avnet’s Arduino-compatible LSR Wireless Shield
  • Quick Start Card
  • Downloadable Getting Started Guide, Hardware User Guide, SmartFusion2 TiWiConnect reference design plus additional technical documentation
  • Free developer account access to avnet.tiwiconnect.com

Already have your LSR Wireless Shield from Avnet? Access documentation and reference designs at http://cloudconnectkits.org/product/lsr-wireless-shield



TiWiConnect™ is comprehensive platform that empowers your products with Device-to-Cloud Connectivity easier, quicker and more cost-effective than ever before. TiWiConnect simplifies your product development by providing all 3 components of a true end to-end solution: Embedded wireless modules, flexible cloud platform and mobile and web apps

Elevate your products and customers from the ground to the cloud.

Learn More about TiWiConnect

Software Downloads

ModuleLink for TiWi-C-W

TiWi-C-W ModuleLink from LSR

The LSR ModuleLink for TiWi-C-W mobile app delivers convenience and simplicity in both demonstrating and developing cloud-connected IoT solutions using the TiWiConnect™ IoT Platform. The app provides an interface for real-time interaction and testing of TiWi-C-W™ Wi-Fi module. When utilized with the module’s Development Kit hardware, the app provides the ability to wirelessly transmit and receive commands and data from your smartphone.

The TiWi-C-W Dev Kit features a free cloud account on TiWiConnect for the life of the kit! This provides a seamless data transmissions between Dev Kit and the ModuleLink for TiWi-C-W mobile app. The solution is ideal for embedded developers looking to quickly develop both remote monitoring and remote control functionality via a cloud-based IoT platform.

The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android platforms. For additional information and resources go to TiWiConnect and TiWI-C-W Development Kit.


Broadcom’s WICED™ Wi-Fi platform
Powered by Broadcom’s WICED™ Wi-Fi platform, TiWi-C-W’s embedded processor can run a unique "self-hosted" Wi-Fi networking library and software application stack.

Buy your Dev Kit or Evaluation Kit Now

TiWi-C-W Dev Kit featuring TiWiConnect (Item # 450-0143)

TiWi-C-W Dev Kit featuring TiWiConnect

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TiWi-C-W Development Board (Item # 450-0164)

TiWi-C-W Development Board

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TiWi-C-W is certified with these Antennas

Johanson 2.4 GHz Chip Antenna 2450AT18A100

Require a Custom Antenna?

If the certified antennas above don't meet your needs, then check out our entire line of antennas or check out our Antenna Design Shop to have one designed and certified to meet your needs.

Antenna Design Shop
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