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LSR introduces the TiWiConnect™ cloud connectivity platform, the first true end-to-end IoT solution for wirelessly connecting products to the cloud. This IoT platform enables smartphone apps and web portals that can re-define the product experience for both your customers and service professionals alike. TiWiConnect simplifies your product development efforts by providing all 3 components of a comprehensive solution, all built from the ground up to connect seamlessly: Embedded wireless modules, cloud platform and apps.

What is TiWiConnect?

TiWiconnect Cloud Based IoT platform video
How does TiWiConnect offer a true end-to-end solution for adding the cloud to your products? Watch and learn how!

Embedded Wireless Modules

TiWiConnect features the TiWi-C™ family of modules, pre-integrated to operate out-of-the-box as cloud agents for the TiWiConnect IoT platform. These low-power, low-cost modules are sized to fit within your products. TiWi-C modules are also fully certified with multiple antenna options and reference designs to minimize costs and accelerate time-to-market. Easily integrate LSR’s Wi-Fi module, TiWi-C-W™, into your embedded product with the TiWiConnect LIFT host interface software with minimal development efforts.

Flexible Cloud Platform

Built on a modern software framework, TiWiConnect’s cloud server software manages the flow of data with both your connected products and your web and app interfaces, while securely providing extensive storage and hosting services. TiWiConnect’s cloud offers secure access to centralized data storage and device interaction with no IT platform investments. Or, leverage the TiWiConnect LIFT Server API to enable your existing server to act as a TiWiConnect cloud!

Mobile and Web Apps

TiWiConnect makes it easy to get started connecting your product to smart devices, offering Mobile and Web Apps that can be quickly configured and customized to match your product’s unique needs and branding. The power of TiWiConnect’s mobile apps provide an interactive portal that enhances your user’s product experience. TiWiConnect supports iOS, Android, and HTML5 app options to best address your needs.