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SaBLE-x-R2 Porting Guide
This app note explains how to port the simple_peripheral project to work with the SaBLE-x-R2 Development Board. The SaBLE-x-R2 module uses the CC2640R2F 5x5 mm RHB package with 15 GPIOs, and the RF front end is configured as a differential output with external bias..


  • SaBLE-x-R2 Dev Board
  • IAR for ARM 7.80.3 or CCS 7.1
  • CC2640R2F SDK v1.35.00.33
1Prepare the Project


Copy simple peripheral project

Copy the simple_peripheral project folder from the source folder to the destination folder:

  • FROM: C:\TI\simplelink_cc2640r2_sdk_1_35_00_33 \examples\rtos\CC2640R2_LAUNCHXL\ble5stack
  • TO: C:\TI\simplelink_cc2640r2_sdk_1_35_00_33 \examples\rtos\SABLE-X-R2_DEV_BOARD\ble5stack


Download the board file

Download the board file package and extract its contents to the SDK install directory:

  • C:\TI\simplelink_cc2640r2_sdk_1_35_00_33.

Download the board file package here.


Edit CCFG Options

To ensure the user can still bootload the module with the UART bootloader, replace the ccfg_app_ble.c with the one included.

Replace the ccfg file with the file located here. Place it in the following directory:

  • examples\rtos\SABLE-X-R2_DEV_BOARD\ble5stack\simple_peripheral\tirtos\iar\config\ccfg_app_ble.c
2Porting with IAR


Include SaBLE-x-R2 Board File

Open the IAR project and open the board.c file.


Modify board.c

Add the following code to the board.c file:

#if defined(CC2640R2DK_CXS) || defined (CC2640R2DK_4XS) \
      || defined (CC2640R2DK_5XD) ||  defined (CC2640R2DK_7ID)
    #include "./cc2640r2em/cc2640r2em_board.c"
#elif defined(CC2640R2_LAUNCHXL)
    #include "./cc2640r2lp/cc2640r2lp_board.c"
#elif defined(CC2640R2_RC)
    #include "./cc2640r2rc/cc2640r2rc_board.c"
#elif defined(SABLEXR2_DEV_BOARD)
    #include "./sablexr2_module/sablexr2_module_board.c"
#else // unknown board
    #error "***ERROR*** Invalid Board Specified! Please see board.h for options."


Replace Defines

Next, replace the CC2640R2_LAUNCHXL preprocessor define with SABLEXR2_DEV_BOARD.


Set Default TX Power

Set the default TX power by editing the DEFAULT_TX_POWER variable in ble_user_config.c. A value of 12 is equivalent to a max power of 5dBm for the SaBLE-x-R2 module.

NOTE: If using the 2Mbps PHY rate in Japan, set the max power to 4dBm or DEFAULT_TX_POWER = 11

Note that the DEFAULT_TX_POWER value is an index into a power table in ble_user_config.c.


Edit code to include SABLEXR2_DEV_BOARD

To make the simple_peripheral example work as it would on the CC2640R2_LAUNCHXL board, replace the dev board define anywhere it is mentioned in code.

  • Find:
  • Replace with:
    	|| defined(SABLEXR2_DEV_BOARD)

This only requires a few changes to simple_peripheral.c and board_key.c. The user can search for all places CC2640R2_LAUNCHXL is used.

There are six locations where SABLEXR2_DEV_BOARD needs to be added.

The following is an example of adding the define for the SABLEXR2_DEV_BOARD:


Build and Run the Application

Now the user can build and run the application. Please see the simple_peripheral documentation in the TI SDK for more information on how the simple_peripheral example works. The readme for the simple_peripheral will be located at the following directory:

  • C:/TI/simplelink_cc2640r2_sdk_1_35_00_33/examples/rtos/CC2640R2_LAUNCHXL/ble5stack/simple_peripheral/README.html
2Porting with CCS


When porting with CCS, all the same steps apply, only the UI varies slightly.

To replace the CC2640R2_LAUNCHXL preprocessor define with SABLEXR2_DEV_BOARD, look at this location in the project properties.