Getting Started with your SaBLE-x Dev or Eval Kit
This guide will walk you through using your SaBLE-x Dev or Eval Kit with an iOS or Android smart phone.

Serial-to-BLE Opening the Box

1 Download the ModuleLink App

Download the ModuleLink for BLE app that corresponds to your phone. After you have installed the app, please make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.

After you have turned on Bluetooth on your phone, you can open the ModuleLink app.

2 Setting up the SaBLE-x Board

After unpacking your SaBLE-x Dev Kit, put one of the included coin cell batteries into the back of the device.

Power on the device by moving the power switch all the way to "BAT".

3 Connect to the SaBLE-x

In the mobile app, click on "Scan Devices" to search for your nearby SaBLE-x device. Once your device is discovered, click on it to connect to it.

Once your connection status changes to "Connected" all of the characteristics from your device should be reporting into the mobile app.
3 Dev Kit Sensors

Phone & Module RSSI

The RSSI values represent the signal strength both from the phone to the device and the module to the device. If you move the device further away from your phone, you should see these values change.

Button & Button 2 Status

If you press button 1 or button 2 on the device, you will see these values change to "Pressed".


Green & Red LEDs

By using the toggles in the app you'll be able to turn the green & red LEDs on and off.


Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor displays the temperature from the device in both Farenheit and Celsius. If you blow on the device you should be able to see this value change.

Light Sensor

The light sensor will report in the current amount of light hitting the device in LUX. If you cover the device with your hand you should see the value get in the 10-30 range. A normal room should be in the 400+ range.

Tilt Sensor

The tilt sensor reports in the current orientation of the device. For instance, if you turn the device on it's side you will see "Left" or "Right".


The Dev Kit also reports in the current voltage coming from the battery.

RF Statistics

In order to track consistency, we have built in packet tracking into the mobile app. Every time a packet is sent from the device the "Module Packets TX'd" should increase. Every time the phone receives one of these packet number updates "Phone Packets RX'd" should increment by one. As the device gets futher away from the phone, these numbers may become out of sync.

3 Disconnecting from the Device

To disconnect from the device, just click the back button.


If, instead, you turn off the device by changing the power from "BAT" to "OFF", you will see the connection status change to "Disconnected". The mobile app will then try to reconnect to the device for up to ten seconds. If you turn the device back on within this timeframe, it will automatically try reconnecting to the device.

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