Custom Mobile App Development

Custom Mobile App Development is an integral component of the product experience you create for your customer. Too often, though, so much emphasis is placed on the technical development of the wireless product itself that the app’s user interface becomes an afterthought that is addressed too late in the project. Approaching the design of both your product’s wireless solution and the app concurrently will provide a faster development timeline and a memorable total product experience for your user.

Custom mobile app development from LSR

The Value of Wireless Expertise

The term “App” is one simple word that describes an immensely diverse range of user experiences. From simple games and utilities all the way to full-featured applications that provide remote monitoring and control of products and complex systems, it goes without saying that not every app development firm is ideally suited to meet your specific needs. This is where the value of a design studio embedded within LSR’s wireless expertise shines through once again.

Our app developers subscribe to a proven process to ensure the best possible options for your product’s app are identified and implemented. At a high level, this comprehensive development process includes:

  • Map the App: What does your app need to do? What else could it do? What should it do?
  • Design: What are the best UI practices for common wireless tasks and pitfalls?
  • Creation: Understanding wireless communication ensures the app connectivity performance meets customer’s expectations
  • Testing: From deployment of beta versions through analysis of the user experience
  • Publishing: Step-by-step guidance to place your app on iOS and Google Play app stores
  • Analysis: Insights into data-mining sales and download activity, as well as crash report diagnostics

Focused on the development of apps that utilize the wireless technologies of today’s smartphone (such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and more) to stream data to and from connected devices, the LSR Design Studio’s holistic understanding of a wireless communication technologies ensures an App that delivers both technically and experientially.

Our team has established best practices to perform common and complex wireless tasks, such as large data transfers, low power communication, over the air (OTA) firmware updates, managing Bluetooth connectivity throughout different states of the app, and security and authentication of multiple devices. Need to connect to the cloud or a web service? No problem. We will help you define the interface for custom web services and write the software to pass the data to the service’s APIs. Our developers use and stay current with leading-edge technology and are fully prepared to migrate when new operating systems are released. What you will get when you work with LSR is a fully connected product that you can connect with virtually any time and from anywhere.

Custom mobile app development concept for client

Interaction Design

Developing a successful user interface depends on creating a great user experience. If the user needs an instruction manual, your design has failed. The same basic principles of design apply regardless of the user’s device. The structure, look and feel, and interaction all contribute to the interfaces usability, quality, and fit with a companies’ brand. Our interface design team works closely with our app developers on iOS, Android or Web based or embedded hardware applications to create a consistent and quality user experience regardless of hardware platform.

Interaction design for GUI interface