Designing for Success: Practical Advice on Certification Testing when Designing with RF Modules

In this webinar, EMC Testing specialists will provide straight-forward explanations of the critical steps, expected costs, and pitfalls to watch out for when navigating the world of FCC, IC, and CE certification testing for products incorporating an RF module.  Real-world scenarios will be used to step through the process and what to watch for along the way.  In addition, we will take a moment to provide an industry trend update on the upcoming ETSI EN 301 893 v1.8.1 and ETSI EN 300 328 v1.9.1 changes impacting CE approvals.

Planned webinar topics include:

  • Providing an overview of FCC, IC, and CE Certification
  • How to leverage full and limited certifications and approvals
  • Industry Update on ETSI EN 301 893 v1.8.1 and ETSI EN 300 328 v1.9.1 upcoming changes
  • Live Q&A with the presenter

About the Presenter: 

Tom Smith is the Director of EMC Compliance for LSR, a Laird business and global leader in wireless product development services and products.  He has over 15 years of experience in EMC/RF Testing on a variety of products in the Industrial, Commercial and Medical Industry. Tom has managed or assisted in over 200 FCC/Industry Canada Filings and has an in-depth understanding of the self-declaration process for the European Union (EU). Tom received a BS in Biomedical Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) and is an active member and contributor in IEEE.   You can learn more about LSR’s EMC test services at