The ProFLEX01-R2 RF modules  are high performance 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 radios (CC2520 & CC2591) and microcontrollers (MSP430F5437A) in a cost effective, pre-certified footprint.

The module comes preloaded with the TI 802.15.4 MAC-Stack that can be used with the LSR host serial interface.

Full debug and programming capabilities are included to develop custom applications. Easily load the TI ZigBee® stack or MAC onto the module and create your own network.


  • 100mW output power
  • Long range: 4000 feet
  • Miniature footprint: 0.9” x 1.63”
  • Integrated PCB F antenna or U.FL connector for external antenna
  • Worldwide acceptance: FCC (USA), IC (Canada), and CE (Europe) 
  • Texas Instruments 256k MSP430F5437A
  • LSR serial interface based on 802.15.4 MAC
  • Low power operation
  • RoHS compliant
  • Streamlined development with LSR design services.
  • License options available to purchase design or integrate design.


Standards Supports IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee®, 6LoWPAN, SimpliciTI, FLEXConnect™
Host Interface UART
Vcc Min 2.0 Volts
Vcc Max 3.3 Volts
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85 °C
Transmit Power*
20.0 dBm
Rx Sensitivity*
-98 dBm, 1% PER
Transmit Current*
149 mA, 2440 MHz, 3.3V, +25°C, +20 dBm
Receive Current*
30 mA, 2440 MHz, 3.3V, +25°C, -50 dBm input
Sleep Current*

* Typical


Description Part Number Download
Brochure 337-0032 Download
Datasheet 330-0098 Download
REACH Chemical Analysis 344-0004 Download
Declaration of Conformity (DoC) 330-0111 Download
All other ProFLEX01 documentation and tools  Downloads

Ordering Information

Description Part Number
ProFLEX01-R2 w/ PCB (inverted F) Antenna 450-0075
ProFLEX01-R2 w/ U.FL Connector 450-0076
ProFLEX01-R2 Development Kit w/ PCB (inverted F) Antenna
ModFLEX™ MGE with ProFLEX01-R2 Module
ModFLEX™ MGU with ProFLEX01-R2 Module
2.4 GHz Dipole Antenna with Reverse Polarity SMA Connector 001-0001
U.FL to Reverse Polarity SMA Cable 080-0001



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Repeating protocol for select ModFLEX™ modules