FLEXConnect™ |

Repeating protocol for select ModFLEX™ modules


Select ModFLEX™ series modules ship with LSR’s FLEXConnect™ firmware. The idea behind FLEXConnect™ is to support applications that require range extension, but don’t need the complexities of a full-blown mesh network. FLEXConnect™ is comprised of two main features, “Simple Repeating” and “Source Routing”.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using Simple Repeating or Source Routing. The advantage of using Simple Repeating is that the device that originates the message does not need to know anything about the network except for the short address of the destination device. However, this can come at the expense of latency and bandwidth. These tradeoffs are described in the FLEXConnect™ User’s Guide. Generally, it is advantageous to use Simple Repeating to obtain a list of route(s) between the sender and receiver. Once this route information is obtained, it can be used to send RF messages using Source Routing.

In summary, FLEXConnect™ gives you the flexibility and control to easily manage your network traffic without the cumbersome burden and complexities of other sensor network methods.



Description Part Number Download
Product Brief 330-0019-R1.0 Download
User's Guide 330-0037-R1.2 Download



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